Impact Teen Drivers

During Martha Tessmer’s Impact Teen Drivers presentation, she often refers to the “dots left behind.”  Martha is one of those people behind the dots.

I followed Martha to two East Bay high schools this week and photographed her while she prepared and presented.  Martha must prepare during the middle of her presentation too. She is not merely presenting a lesson, but part of herself that every parent prays will never be a reality.

At the second presentation, I also met Impact Teen Drivers Executive Director Kelly Browning, PhD and California Highway Patrol officers from the Golden Gate Division. The officers were attending an Impact Teen Drivers training after the Wednesday, December 7 presentation.

Martha and the people at Impact Teen Drivers save lives. Unfortunately, as educators, they will not see the lives they save. When officers visit classrooms and auditoriums, the officers might suspect that their message reaches students, but officers will not see the results the same way that officers see a crash site. Some officers, especially officers with children, will never forget some accidents.

I think about crash sites every time I hear a person complain about receiving a ticket. I think about the officers and the families who have lost children every time I hear the same complaint, “Don’t those officers have something better to do?”

Often, officers have to do something much worse.



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  2. Mrs. Regina Goad says:

    I had the “Awesome” opportunity of having Mrs. Martha Tessmer speak to my Health and Life Skills classes last year. Her presentation made a “life changing” impact on the students who were blessed to hear her story. I would love to have her come back and reach a new batch of young people. 🙂

    • bryan farley says:

      Mrs. Goad,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog and for having Martha speak to your students. I have been fortunate to know Martha and and watch her speak to students and educators. I have also watched her address politicians and her personal message is powerful. She is a hero to people considered heroes.

      I will forward your message to her and see if she can arrange another meeting. She will be grateful to receive your compliments.


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