Melrose Leadership Academy 2012 Classroom Expo

My two children attend Melrose Leadership Academy in Oakland, California.  Our school is well known for it’s successful dual Spanish immersion program. Soon, we might become known for regular evening family events.

 (bryan farley)

Moyra Contreras, principal of Melrose Leadership Academy

Moyra Contreras, our principal, exemplifies our school spirit. At last night’s Classroom Expo she visited each classroom and spoke with all the families.  Back to School Night and Unity Night are different than the the Classroom Expos. Classroom Expos are also different than the school wide expos which happen next week.  We meet early and often.

During the Oakland Unified enrollment period, I have helped with parent information tours. At each tour, I am asked if the language difference has interfered with my ability to communicate, but nobody asks if the language difference helps. Would I attend more meetings if we all spoke the same language or would I attend fewer meetings? Does our school appear to lack community?



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