I wrote about my first visit with the Pike family on August 31, 2010. We met two weeks earlier during the second year I photographed the Mothers of an Angel Friendship Network families. Today, the Pike family gathered to remember Krista Rae Pike. Four years ago, she was murdered at 18.

 (bryan farley)

Since I last photographed the family, Alexandria, Krista’s sister, became a mother. (Alex is pictured with a tattoo on her back.) Perhaps the new child will be in the next family photograph.

Stacie Pike, member of Mothers of an Angel Friendship Network and her family in August 2010 in Madera, California



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  1. I have a new plug in that will hopefully connect all my comments from FB to my blog. Let’s see if it works. With my old blog, I lost so many wonderful comments, and I do not want to lose them this time. Thanks for your patience while I learn some new social media tools.

  2. Thanks for remembering and honoring the Pike family.

  3. Martha Tessmer Did I tell you that the National Safety Council contacted me after finding one of my posts?

  4. Charlene from NSC called and told me she talked to you. I shared some of the other pics you’ve taken of our MOAA group over the years via our blog and she is really impressed. We are having a telephone meeting on Monday to talk more about how she might be able to use some on the NSC website, giving you photographer credits of course. I’ll let you know what becomes of this.

  5. I will Martha Tessmer She and I will also discuss how the organization coordinate a larger project. If I am available and something becomes available through their organization, I will make it work. Who knows what will happen? After this started, I always felt that it would keep growing, and so far it has.

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