Take Back High Street Coalition

Since today is the national holiday honoring Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr., I searched for photos honoring the civil rights leader. I did not need to search far into my archive. Last January, Oakland, California’s High Street Coalition organized the Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. “Take Back High Street March.”

More than one hundred marchers met at the site of a recent fatal shooting on High Street near MacArthur Avenue and ended at the Miracles of Faith Community Church.  During the march, community members cleaned the neighborhood and protest crime. Local media and political leaders attended the event.

The High Street Coalition connects neighbors from three local police beats that border High Street. The three organizers are Cheryl Golden, (Chair of the Allendale Park Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council) Krista Gulbransen, (former Chair of the Maxwell Park Neighborhood Council) and Preston Turner (Chair of the Melrose/High Hopes Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council).



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  1. Krista says:

    Such a great day filled with community spirit and pride! Not only did we clean up the street of trash but we were motivated and inspired by some wonderful community leaders including Rev Gregg Brown of Miracles of Faith Church on Virginia Ave and Preston Turner, Chair of the Melrose/High Hopes Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council. Thanks to all who made this such a special and meaningful day!

  2. bryan farley says:


    Thank you for your comments and for your contribution. High Street is an important artery that needed attention. For a variety of reasons, High Street became a barrier to community organizing. The small neighborhoods bordering High Street lacked coordination. Your group has helped connect neighborhoods.

    What is next? Is there another story that could be told? Who could be highlighted on the other side of High Street?

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