Fresno Magazine Photo Essay and Article

A year ago today, I visited Fresno County for the monthly Fresno Magazine Launch Party.  According to Fresno Magazine, “Fresno Magazine sells more copies and has more subscribers in the Central Valley than Time, Vogue, Martha Stewart and Oprah combined!”

 (bryan farley)

The magazine published my article about Martha Tessmer and the support group Mother of an Angel Friendship Network.  Amy Wood Fienen, the Managing Editor, allowed me to write the article and submit the photos.  I was allowed more control than most writers and photographers.  The article has helped families across the country find support and helped me learn more about telling this type of story.

Often, when the support group celebrates anniversaries, the mothers acknowledge birthdays or angel days of their children who have died. I am glad to acknowledge a different anniversary today. If you wish to see a short gallery of the evening, click on the link. … and in case you are wondering, yes, you might recognize one of the people in the gallery from a popular television show.



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