The New Masters of Educational Technology

Four years ago today, I completed my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. I submitted my research project and final thesis on August 8, 2008 to coincide with the twenty year anniversary of Marshal McLuhan‘s book “Laws of Media: The New Science.” McLuhan was a popular media or technology critic in the 1960’s.

His arguments are still relevant.  

“Today the business of business is becoming the constant invention of new business.” Marshall McLuhan

In the last four years, Facebook has gone public. Twitter is no longer a joke. Skype has become a verb… with a smart phone application.  Steve Jobs died and the iPad was born. Instagram became a thing. My kids play with technology and adults use FourSquare.

How did this happen? How did it happen so easily? 

In the rush to create new business, education is often an afterthought. Google recently released Curriculum: Understanding YouTube and Digital Citizenship. The 10 guidelines are fine, but as an educator, I expect these to be released with the product. Is the company just now getting around to considering consequences?

Are we moving too fast?



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