Melrose Welcome Day

After I posted photos two weeks ago, many people wondered if Melrose Leadership Academy’s new site would be ready for the first day of school.  MLA community members were at the school for the parent work day, but the site was still unprepared. The PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) Board had planned a 2012 Welcome Day for the weekend before school started. Would the school be available? On Saturday August 25, 2012, painters were still working outside while parents were meeting their children’s teachers. Who would have guessed that movers were still removing furniture one night earlier?

Two weeks ago the new multipurpose room was full of supplies from our old building and the current one. Our old school’s multipurpose room was much smaller with a maximum occupancy of 146. The new site has a maximum of 550, so not only was our current site full of boxes, it was full of many more supplies than our last site could hold.

There are many people who worked extra hours (and days) to make this possible. Is there someone who you think needs special recognition? If so, feel free to let us know who we should acknowledge.




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