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(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding – Nick Lowe


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I had already decided to write about poetry for this blog post when I heard the Elvis Costello version of Peace, Love and Understanding and decided to change direction again. (There is a Nick Lowe version too.) I have finally filled in the third blank but I do not feel that I have solved the puzzle. For the last several weeks, especially since the convention, I have felt like a passenger on a strange Dr. Who adventure bus. My dyslexia is bordering on the psychedelic. I am confusing Abbott & Costello with Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley. I dreaming in neon green and gold about the Queen of California. Where did she go?

 (bryan farley)

Anne Howard inspired me with an article about looking to poets and saints during difficult moments. Anne explained that when the going gets tough, she “count(s) on poetry to tell the truth when prose gets thick and tiresome. Sometimes—often—I find those saints and poets out on a walk.” Lately, I have found my prose thin and tiresome, so I returned to some of my photos from the JEA Convention weekend. During the photo walk, the students found a man and his dog on Market Street.  Dogs do not lie.

 (bryan farley)

At the peace vigil, we found this woman who stands by herself. I could identify with her. She was on the outskirts of a group, but not an outcast. She was an individual, but not quite contrary. She spoke with me briefly, and she was powerful. I almost forgot her strength, but she had a steady confidence of someone who knew that she was on the right path.

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During my recent internet searches, I found former Poet Laureate Billy Collins. He probably appeared because I had been searching for Riverside, California and Billy and I may have spent a few weeks there at the same time. Coincidentally, Billy Collins: Every Day Moments Caught in Time TED video includes a poem called “Budapest,” which happens to be the birth place of Robert Capa, the photographer I discussed two posts earlier called “Getting Closer….”  Billy Collins also created Poetry 180 by Billy Collins, which I think was created for high school students.

 (bryan farley)

At the City Hall protest, the over-sized helix rat might be revealing a poetic truth about getting closer. This image also works as another psychedelic image.

 (bryan farley) 

On the Saturday night of the convention, I photographed roller derby. I do not understand all the rules and I do not skate, but I understand that there is a community and people care about each other. I am still one of the people who stand with a sign at the outskirts, but I understand that people get closer.

The  Oakland Outlaws defeated the Berkeley Resistance 168-156 on Saturday, April 27, 2013 in Oakland, California. (bryan farley)

Peace, Love and… I would have written for months with a new post. Someone wrote to me in January needing help with a drain. (Supposedly, Nick Lowe’s middle name is Drain and there was a cupcake problem clogging the drain.) For those of you who have been helping me solve the riddle, thank you. Now, how do we create peace, love and understanding? Is there a symbol for understanding? Do we have a theme song? Do we have a color that can set us free?

 (bryan farley)

I found another album called Get Closer from Linda Ronstadt. The album is from 1982; Rondstadt is wearing polka dots if we can believe Wikipedia. I found a current video from Sara Bareilles. She also wears polka dots. The video is called Brave. If you watch the Brave Behind The Scenes video, you will notice that the director and I share an interest in trash cans.

… and then try Daughters, if you want a little Peace, Love, music, poetry and psychedelic understanding.



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