Skinny Lister – San Francisco

Last month, I photographed Skinny Lister during their current United States tour. Will Varley opened at The Independent in San Francisco.

Photo Gallery Here.

 (bryan farley)

This was my third time seeing Skinny Lister. Before the show, I asked people at The Independent how they had become fans. Many people had similar experiences to my own. We had seen Skinny Lister perform as an opening band or at a music festival. One person saw Skinny Lister play during the 2012 SXSW in Austin; they played on the sidewalk.

 (bryan farley)

I first saw Skinny Lister in the Summer of 2012 during the Vans Warped Tour. I photographed about 30 bands that day. At a festival known for unusual performances, Skinny Lister was different. I wanted to see them again. In 2016, I saw them in San Francisco. I photographed their show and wrote an article.

Despite the dark venue, I took some decent pictures.

 (bryan farley)

When I saw them last month, I wondered if I this would be my last time. I have good friends who have moved and we don’t see each other any more. Skinny Lister is a British band, and I live in California. I am grateful that they keep touring, because they are so much fun, but I realize that they are a long way from home.

 (bryan farley)

During the West Coast leg of the tour, Will Varley opened. (I included a few photos in the slideshow.) When Will began playing, the audience became quiet and listened. He had an incredible voice and stage presence that is difficult to explain without using a cliche… so I won’t.

 (bryan farley)

Skinny Lister is touring the East Coast of the USA during April. Though the band will probably return despite my fears, you can’t see this band enough… even at the risk of becoming a cliche fan.



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