We Came As Romans – Kyle Pavone

So this is where it ends, the road we took together (together, together)
Turn another page, however and forever (forever, forever)

We Came As Romans, from “Memories”

 (bryan farley)

Last week, We Came As Roman’s lead singer Kyle Pavone died from what has been called an accidental drug overdose. Today, the band released a statement about the cause of death. The band also announced that the Kyle Pavone Foundation has been established to “serve and advocate for the musician community in their time of greatest need….”

 (bryan farley)

When I photographed the Michigan band during the 2013 Vans Warped Tour, I noticed the Detroit Tigers lettering. When I edited my old files today, I realized that America was honoring the Queen of Soul in Detroit. I love Aretha Franklin, but I also enjoyed We Came As Romans and I know that there are many people grieving this loss too.

 (bryan farley)

If you are an older person like me, you might assume that a loud energetic band would have a destructive message… and you would be wrong. We Came As Romans were loud and energetic, but they were hopeful. They even performed a song called “Hope.” Another song, “Never Let Me Go,” might have been about human struggle, but it was also about the power of human connection. Their guitarist wore a Heart Be Heard shirt.

 (bryan farley)

I only saw them perform that one summer in California. Perhaps because I have watched their videos, including a Taylor Swift cover, I thought that I knew them better and that they could take care of themselves and each other. I should know that life is not that simple.

 (bryan farley)

These are life’s difficult questions. I think the difficult answers can be found somewhere in the opening lyric. We must find a common journey… a road we can take together. It’s the only way for our hearts to be heard.


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