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Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair

Last week I attended the2013 Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair at Windsor High School. Almost ten years ago, I had an idea that high school students in Sonoma County should have a Fall college fair. I worked for a college and when I visited the local high schools, I realized that many schools had eliminated their college counselors. Students were not receiving information about college. It was unfair.

The Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair was held at Windsor High School on September 10, 2013. (Bryan Farley)

You can view more College Fair photos here.

I approached many people with my idea, but only one person had the vision necessary to sustain the event. Chris Vetrano, the assistant principal at Windsor High School, knew how to organize events. With the help of many other community organizers, she has built a successful annual event.

The Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair was held at Windsor High School on September 10, 2013. (Bryan Farley)

I attend each year to remember what inspires me. I am inspired by people who are willing to help others. I am inspired by people like Chris who can see a crazy idea and create a successful event.… Read the rest

The song of a shuttered soundstage

This feels more like an obituary than an anniversary… an acknowledgement that a language has died, or as John Lennon sang, “Everybody’s talking and no one says a word.”

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Before photography portfolio presentation at the 2012 JEA Minneapolis National Convention

13 years ago today, I began working at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. At the time, Brooks was a visual art college respected throughout the world. If you believe the press reports and Facebook postings, Brooks closed last month. I don’t believe everything I see about Brooks. While working for Brooks, I learned how imagery can be manipulated. I also learned to question the parent company that owned Brooks during the nearly five years that I worked for the school.

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Santa Barbara Harbor, Winter

I was going to start the post with the phrase, “Life is a paradox,” and so it was with Brooks. Many of us who worked for Brooks were loyal to the college, but not the company.… Read the rest