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Pigasus Horse Riding Ranch

When my wife and I drove up to the Pigasus Horse Ranch for our children’s riding lesson, I asked my wife if she had ever wanted to ride horses as a kid. I was surprised by her response. “Of course, every girl wants a pony.”

My mother and step-father live a few miles from the horse ranch. This summer, my children took their first lessons. Yesterday, my wife took her first lesson. (Click on the top photo to launch the slideshow.)

The first photo reminds me of Dave LaBelle’s The Great Picture Hunt cover. There is another photo in the slideshow that is more similar, but this photo seems like the “before photo.” Mom and daughter were beginning to connect to the horse and the horse had not decided yet.

Even before I started shooting, I also thought about one of my favorite photographers, Bill Frakes, who always seems to catch the perfect lighting and shadows while telling a great story.… Read the rest