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Dreaming of More Than Picture Magic

Before I began writing on this WordPress blog, I wrote on a something called Typepad. I called the blog MoreThanKids (my first post). Before I wrote on a blog, I used the same thing all the old people used. I wrote on large stone objects. (I mostly wrote about despair.)

 (bryan farley)

As I start the new year, there are a few important milestones that I want to acknowledge. Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of Krista Rae Pike’s death. When I wrote the post in 2010, I remember that I wanted to do more for a good family that had suffered. When I read it now, I realize how much I still care for her family and all the Mothers of Angels and their families. “From a mountain of despair….”

January 11, 2011 was the day I met Tony Coelho. Here are my notes before our meeting on 1/11/11. (I am so superstitious.) Some posts are longer, and I would write more Epilepsy Posts, but the first one was short.… Read the rest