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Marketing for Superman and the Devil

One of my students wore a shirt today with the words, “It started with a smile.” The shirt reminded me of one of my previous blog posts as well as a song lyric to (Everybody Talks) “It Started with a Whisper.”

I talk. I talk to myself. I talk to my pictures. They talk back. We have conversations. If this sounds a little crazy, it is only because I am downplaying my confusion. I am like an amp turned to …  eleven? But these START at 11

 It is 11/12/13 and counting

If truth is stranger than fiction, perhaps fiction can teach me something… if only I could tell the difference between the two. Lately, my life is starting to feel more like the rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. Exchange drummers and fathers and we almost have a movie. There is another difference. I am going to Boston tomorrow for another JEA National Convention, unlike the fictional band whose Boston gig was cancelled.… Read the rest