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Pride – In the Name of 15 Years

What do we remember when we say that we will “never forget?”

 (bryan farley)

I spent the 15 year anniversary of the September 11th attacks at the Oakland Pride Parade. I found my church (and then lost them) and then joined the denomination that baptized me as a baby (the Methodists). I did not want to be alone this 9/11.

 (bryan farley)

While many Americans will never forget 9/11, most Americans did not know someone who died on 9/11. I knew Mark Bingham, one of the passengers on Flight 93. Mark was an incredible man who has become an American icon and symbol for the LGBT community.

 (bryan farley)

I met Mark shortly after I moved to the Bay Area. Mark organized a weekly football game at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Five years ago, I wrote more about how we knew each other.  He was one of the best athletes and one of the best leaders I have known.… Read the rest

Fresno High Senate Stogie Bowl

The Fresno High School Senate is the oldest club of its kind in the country. Founded in 1890, The Senate honors tradition, academic excellence and leadership. Even though we play an annual football game, athletic ability is not a requirement for membership. The Senate is a group for education leaders and mentors. The football game is just one of our many traditions.

I have written about the Stogie Bowl in 2009 and 2010. To see the photos from previous years, visit the old blog posts.

To see this year’s photos, click on me.

Photo Gallery

Most of the current participants were not born when I played my first Thanksgiving game on November 22, 1984.  I did not intend to play 28 straight years, but I enjoy being part of an organization where students learn to disagree civilly. The younger students continue to provide hope that the next generation will lead us to a brighter future.… Read the rest