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Craig Morgan – Gallo Center Concert

In downtown Modesto last November, I photographed country musician Craig Morgan. I found a hundred reasons for waiting to publish the pictures, and really, I am not trying to hide my motivations. I think that they will be clear by the end of this song.

 (bryan farley)

Morgan performed at the Gallo Center for Performing Arts on Saturday, November 2, 2013. Originally, I had planned to photograph Morgan and his band a second time before publishing any photographs. These images were taken on the West Coast in early November. I was going to photograph him and his band again on New Year’s Eve in Washington, D.C. for The Concert for Epilepsy. I did not make it to the East Coast last Winter.

 (Bryan Farley)

Because I was going to see them again the following month, I was able to have better access than I might normally have at a concert. I was able to stay longer too.… Read the rest