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Hello world!

… and on the 8th day, God created WordPress. Hail to the Muse!

Until WordPress existed, nobody could say hello to each other.  At least, nobody could say hello to the world. Next thing you know, corporations will become people, Books will have Faces, and Soviet satellites will fall from the sky.

For those of you who have never created a WordPress blog, the first post is already titled, “Hello World!” I kept the original heading. I also added a PhotoShelter photo gallery of the country/pop band Lady Antebellum. About a year ago, Lady A released a single with the same title, but without the exclamation mark.

To see the larger Lady Antebellum Concert Photography Gallery, Go to this link or click the photo above.

Before Lady A won five Grammy Awards, the group used social media effectively. They continue using a blog platform that is similar to WordPress. I wonder what they saw when they first opened their new blog before they started posting.… Read the rest