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Almost Through My Looking Glass Year

What if you really believed? In God? In other people? In yourself? How loudly would you sing, “Don’t Stop Believing?” Could you still believe if you experienced the unbelievable… or the “curiouser and curiouser?”

When experiencing continually unbelievable events, where would you find shelter from the storm? Would you turn to music? Art? God? I have my answer. You may want an easier journey.

The National Walk for Epilepsy VIP Reception was held at The Meed Center for American Theater on Friday, April 19, 2012. The National Walk for Epilepsy is on Saturday, April 20, 2013 on the Washington Monument Grounds. (bryan farley)

This year I have been tested. You could say that I asked for it. On my photography site, I have a bold mission statement.

“As a person with an invisible disability, I am motivated to uncover hidden stories. Healing and recovery interest me more than tragedy. By showing images of diverse groups finding common ground, I can teach others to avoid tragedy or lessen its impact.”

I might change my mission to something a little happier.

This year has been crazy. I was going to publish yesterday on 12/21, because the date symbolized my “Through The Looking Glass” year where nothing appeared logical.… Read the rest