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(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding – Nick Lowe


 (bryan farley)

I had already decided to write about poetry for this blog post when I heard the Elvis Costello version of Peace, Love and Understanding and decided to change direction again. (There is a Nick Lowe version too.) I have finally filled in the third blank but I do not feel that I have solved the puzzle. For the last several weeks, especially since the convention, I have felt like a passenger on a strange Dr. Who adventure bus. My dyslexia is bordering on the psychedelic. I am confusing Abbott & Costello with Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley. I dreaming in neon green and gold about the Queen of California. Where did she go?

 (bryan farley)

Anne Howard inspired me with an article about looking to poets and saints during difficult moments. Anne explained that when the going gets tough, she “count(s) on poetry to tell the truth when prose gets thick and tiresome.… Read the rest