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Dancing Across The Curriculum

A year after I interviewed writers for my March 2010 Open Heart Insert Foot series, I began a similar project with photographers. The 2011 series had the “inspiring” (and misleading) title, March Portfolio and Social Media Project. While the interviews began in March 2011, they continued into mid-May 2011. By new technology standards, I marched slowly. Photographers had already moved away from print portfolios to online photo galleries. Flash was becoming outdated. SEO mattered. A lot. Everything was moving so fast. Facebook, Google, mobile, Twitter … well, maybe not Twitter (this was way back in March 2011). Oh, and the worst joke for photographers? We had to blog! That’s right. We were expected to write. A LOT!

Despite the crazy pace, I met some of the coolest people in the photography business. For this post, I am highlighting Denise Gamboa, the Director of Marketing at SmugMug, and Kathryn MacDonald the former Marketing & Development Manager at… Read the rest

Writing Block Interview Project

I am not a writer. I might write well sometimes, but I often struggle to write a simple coherent email. Three years ago, I was struggling more than usual, so I decided to ask other people how they navigated “writers’ block.”  I began interviewing writers about their process and posting their responses on my previous blog during the entire month of March 2010. I loved the project and learned a great deal from generous people. I have been extremely grateful to everyone who contributed in 2010 and 2011.

Even though I have stopped interviewing writers, the project still lives. In 2012, my daughter visited some of the contributors, including one of my favorite preachers, the Reverend Anne Howard. (Anne’s three responses were posted on March 13, 2010.) The photograph above was taken November 7, 2012 in Berkeley, California. A photo from the shoot accompanies Anne’s recent article on the Beatitudes Society website that is one of my all-time favorites.… Read the rest