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15 Years After – Nina Diaz

I photographed Nina Diaz one week ago in San Francisco at the DNA Lounge. It was the third time I have photographed Nina. The first time I photographed Nina, she was with her band Girl in a Coma.  Last year, I photographed her when she performed as a solo artist.

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This time she was touring ahead of her new solo album, The Beat is Dead. The album will be available October 28. A new single, titled “January 9th” is available now. “January 9th” was inspired by the loss of her grandmother fifteen years earlier. At the time of this post, the single can be heard on Nina’s site.

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In the other two posts, I have written enthusiastically about Nina. My opinion has not changed. She is talented and charismatic.

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She has been performing since she was 13. Most of that time was with her old band. With her new band, she does not need to play guitar (though she still does).… Read the rest

A New Dawn for Nina Diaz

On Wednesday, I drove into San Francisco to see Nina Diaz perform at the DNA Lounge. I photographed Nina Diaz and her band Girl in a Coma two years ago in Oakland. (You can revisit my earlier review and photos.) When I saw her in Oakland, I wondered if Nina might become a superstar. Now I am wondering if it matters. Nina seems focused on bigger things… Nina seems happy.

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I still question why Nina is not more popular. Is it because she is a woman? Is it because she is a woman of color? Is it because she had an addiction problem? None of these issues disqualify some artists. When she takes the stage, Nina becomes electric. She impressed me off-stage too. I brought my eleven year old daughter to the all-ages show; Nina visited with us. Nina was self deprecating. At one point, Nina said that she was part of “the lazy generation.” (Nina was sweating before the first song ended and on the road to El Paso after the concert for her next show.) I also watched Nina interact with other guests, musicians and friends. … Read the rest

Girl In a Coma Appearance

Sometimes it feels that God is smiling on me. Monday was one of those times.

When I photographed Girl In a Coma on Monday, everything seemed perfect. (Go here to view the photo gallery of their Oakland Concert)  I learned about the performance the day of the show from a friend who lives out of the country. Another friend helped with an introduction. GIAC is also from San Antonio and I have a special connection to the city. Joan Jett signed the band to her Blackheart Records label. I love Joan Jett. (Lately, I have chased a few black hearts.) I needed a new roller derby photographer shirt for tomorrow. My GIAC T-shirt is covered with black hearts, lucky numbers and horseshoes. Oh, and the band was amazing. One day my friends (or kids) might ask me if I have ever heard of this new band Girl In a Coma with the mesmerizing lead vocalist/ lead guitarist…

They are THAT good.  Read the rest