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Oakland May Day Education

As a former Oakland school teacher with two children in the Oakland public school system, I can sympathize with the families who protested on May Day. Five OUSD schools will close next year; communities will be displaced. Children will be forced to attend different schools. If our Spanish immersion public school were closing, I would be protesting too. Instead, Melrose Leadership Academy is moving into one of the “closed” schools and a charter school is moving into our current site.  MLA is moving to Maxwell Park Elementary and The Urban Montessori School will move into our current building.

 (bryan farley)

Urban school districts must balance many unfair choices. School closures seem especially unfair since the disruptions will ripple  throughout the district for years.

 (bryan farley)

Protesters cause disruptions, sometimes unintentionally. As the photo above illustrates, disruptions create confusing messages. To the left, a person looks into the trash while a man blocks the word “Fe, leaving the message “Save Santa.” In March, some protesters disrupted a school board meeting, but their message confused potential supporters.  The disruption affected our school also, postponing our new parent orientation and other planning for our eventual move.… Read the rest

Occupy Oakland General Strike

On November 2, 2011,  Occupy Oakland held a General Strike. Occupy Oakland is one of the few hundred United States cities that are participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement that started in New York’s Zuccotti Park. Several thousand Occupy Oakland protesters marched to the Oakland Port in the afternoon and shut down the nation’s fifth busiest port.

(Here is the direct link to the photo gallery. I added the link on November 2, 2015, because the flash gallery is not easily viewed or read on smartphones.)

Occupy Oakland was mostly peaceful, until much later Wednesday evening, when it was not. Of the 103 protesters who were arrested November 2nd and early November 3, only 32 were reportedly from Oakland. Some were from East Coast states. Many of the peaceful protesters attempted to stop the “anarchists” from breaking store windows and vandalizing property. Others protesters helped clean up the next day.… Read the rest