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JEA High School Photography Portfolio Presentations

Have you ever walked into a room and felt as if you belonged?

I remember the first time I saw Mark Murray and Bradley Wilson. We attended a national convention for the Journalism Education Association. There were about six thousand other people, but I figured I would know these two for a long time. At that convention, Bradley asked if could help critique photography portfolios. The simple meeting led to the creation of a popular workshop that has informed photography portfolios.

When Mark Murray and I created our workshop, photographers submitted prints on matte boards. At our first presentation in Nashville, I photocopied handouts from Pulitzer Prize winning photographer John Kaplan’s book  Photo Portfolio Success. (John granted permission and helped me prepare content.) I underestimated the size of our audience. We needed 125 more packets.


Eventually, Bradley Wilson moved all of the national contests to a digital format.… Read the rest