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Music is the Best Medicine

If Music is the best medicine, what do you take with a Whiskey Lullaby?

 (bryan farley)

So I went to see Brad Paisley on Saturday night at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Wheatland, California. When I say that I went “to see Brad Paisley,” I mean that I went to talk to him and photograph his show. Paisley contacted me after I had written a blog post regarding a seizure joke he made on live television. Paisley seemed genuinely apologetic during our online communications, but until I met him in person I doubted if he had even sent the messages.

  (bryan farley)

When people ask me what is it like having epilepsy, I can now tell them about the Brad Paisley Experience. Having epilepsy is not normal. Having epilepsy is watching television and hearing one of your favorite musicians say something that trivialized a deadly health condition. You will want to protect your friends who have seizures and your friends who love country music.… Read the rest

Part II – I Need Pictures

If you missed Part 1, “If I Could Write A Letter to Brad Paisley,” you can click the link and read it. Mr. Paisley or someone who can control his Twitter feed contacted me which is not as important as the issues surrounding imagery and people with disabilities. I am going to continue the discussion here. Originally, it was going to be called Part II – Glendale Pronounced Glen Dale (Sweet Home of the Best Guitar Riff). I probably need titles that are less confusing.

When you wish upon a rising star,

Makes no difference who you are…


While many families attend Super Bowl parties, my family has enjoyed smaller crowds at Disneyland on Super Bowl Sunday. (bryan farley)

Pt 2 – OK, I’ll bite

Why is imagery so important? Pictures, movies, and songs can show people what is possible. Disney owns ABC (and ESPN.). ABC televises the show Rising Star. On Rising Star, one of the expert judges joked that a performer probably gave some viewers a seizure… or something close.… Read the rest

If I Could Write Brad Paisley a Letter about Epilepsy


You’re not supposed to say the word Epilepsy, in a song.

The 5th Annual Concert for Epilepsy featured Little Big Town and Josh Turner. (bryan farley)

It’s just another Saturday night and you are probably busy. You are a big country music Celebrity, and I am just one of  millions — one of millions of Americans living with epilepsy, so I do not expect you to read this letter any more than you expected your 17 year old self to hear “If I Could Write A Letter To Me.”

 (bryan farley)

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You see, I am a member of a country club that has “the most loyal fan base in the world.” I have modest talent and a mountain of faith that motivates me to warn you even though I have a history of being ignored. If I were to write a letter about epilepsy it would probably be stored on an old Epilepsy Foundation website. I would hop your fence and hand deliver this message personally if it would help, except everyone knows that only happens in fairy tales.… Read the rest