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Melrose Leadership Academy Oakland PUBLIC School

My two children attend an innovative public school in Oakland. The school, Melrose Leadership Academy, is part of Oakland Unified School District. Many people believe that MLA is a charter school, but is not. Our students learn how to lead… in a district public school.

Melrose Leadership Academy is dual immersion OUSD public district school. Families tour the school as part of the  OUSD Schools Options Process (School Choice). (bryan farley)

During the annual period known as the “Options Process,” families tour schools searching for an educational community for the following year (and years.) Many parents will not send their children to a charter school, so it is important that parents know our status as a district school.  During tours, some parents reported that even OUSD staff have incorrectly identified our school as a charter. It has happened often enough, that I believe the reports, but I cannot confirm that it has happened.

 (Bryan Farley)

I am not necessarily against charter schools as much as I am against the confusion. Why do so many people think we are a charter?… Read the rest