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Treasure Island Music Festival Day 2

By the second day of the 2012 Treasure Island Music Festival, I was prepared to photograph fun. (Here is the gallery from Day 2 of Treasure Island Music Festival.)

I spent most of the days at the Painted Wonderland booth. I photographed a few bands and several vendors, but I mostly photographed the people of TIMF. After the first day, I was exhausted. Yet, I processed photographs until nearly 3:00. Each image energized me. Even the bad photos were alive. I woke up early last Sunday, so that I could continue uploading photos before I left for the second day.

On Day 2, there were more bubbles, brighter sunsets, bigger statues and a taller Ferris Wheel. I searched for The Samba Stilt Circus, but they were replaced by an eight piece band El Radio Fantastique. El Radio Fantastique was a hidden treasure.

 I also saw the best water balloon contest ever on Day 2.  … Read the rest

Treasure Island and Painted Wonderland Day 1

On Saturday October 13, I attended the first day of the Treasure Island Music Festival.  For the last few years, I have photographed hundreds of musicians, at concerts and music festivals.  This year I assumed I would photograph several more acts during the two day festival. Instead, I spent most of the festival with my friends at the Painted Wonderland tent.

I also remembered something about concerts. Concerts are fun. The Treasure Island Music Festival is a whole lot of fun.


The first few hours I felt out of place. Everyone was happy and I was sulking. I realized that I usually work concerts, and I had missed the point. Concerts are fun. Fortunately, some guy started blowing bubbles. Bubbles are fun. It is impossible to frown and see bubbles. There were a lot of bubbles.

At the Painted Wonderland tent, several talented artists created unique designs. The customers entered the tent happy and left happier.… Read the rest

Mayday Parade in Summer

Two months ago I photographed a Mayday Parade protest in Oakland. I must have been influenced by the Occupy Oakland protests two months ago, because I was expecting an angry mob for the Mayday Parade concert at the 2012 San Francisco Vans Warped Tour stop on Saturday, June 23.

The crowd was colorful and loud, but even the woman with a rainbow mohawk could have been part of a South Beach (Miami) photo shoot instead of a South Beach parking lot music festival near AT&T Park.… Read the rest

Vans Warped Tour 2012 San Francisco

Vans Warped Tour 2012 … Coming to a parking lot near you.

Some concerts are better outdoors. Some are even better just outside the stadium. The Vans Warped Tour is one of those events. It is better when it is in the parking lot.

When the 2012 Vans Warped Tour arrived in the Bay Area, the music festival stopped next to AT&T Park in downtown San Francisco. The festival sold out. When I photographed Vans Warped the last two years at Shoreline Amphitheatre near San Jose, California, the event felt cramped despite the amazing energy. There are  approximately 80 bands performing on seven stages. There are vendors, non-profits and demonstration areas.

People need space.

I photographed about twenty bands. I took nearly 2,000 photos. A San Diego band, Pierce The Veil, performed on one of the main stages towards the end of the day. There are several bands that I wish I could follow during the summer, or at least shoot a few more times.… Read the rest

San Francisco Adobe PhotoWalk

Adobe hosts Photowalks to promote their products and users. At their March 2012 San Francisco Adobe PhotoWalk, more than 200 photographers walked around the SOMA District finding photos. The walk started and ended at Adobe’s San Francisco offices.

 (bryan farley)

PhotoWalks are a great opportunity too see differently. When I attend photowalks, I force myself to watch others and take different pictures, such as the whimsical self portrait of the statue above.  I also force myself to learn something from other photographers, and if possible, teach something to a person who might know less than I do.

 (bryan farley)

You never know what you might see at a photowalk. I thought I was photographing established photographer Jim Goldstein, but he was busy experimenting with his gear, so I did not stop and talk to him. (We tweeted to each other later.)

 (bryan farley)

During the PhotoWalk, Adobe staff interact with the photo walkers. As a user, I appreciate the the Adobe staff.… Read the rest