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2014 Sonoma County College Fair

Before I became a father, I started working for a photography college as an admissions officer.  I thought that I would work for Brooks Institute for a year and then return to teaching. My life changed and I remained at Brooks for nearly five school years. Now I have a ten year old daughter and an eight year old son. I returned to teaching (a few times), but I never completely left college admissions. Earlier this month, I took my two children to the Sonoma County College and Career Readiness Fair that I helped start. I wanted my kids to learn about “my college fair,” and begin learning about the different college options. You can see more photos from the 2014 Sonoma County College and Career Ready Fair here.

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Of course, I do not own the college fair. It is not really mine. Chris Vetrano, one of the Windsor High School assistant principals, calls me the founder of the Sonoma County College Fair.… Read the rest

Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair

Last week I attended the2013 Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair at Windsor High School. Almost ten years ago, I had an idea that high school students in Sonoma County should have a Fall college fair. I worked for a college and when I visited the local high schools, I realized that many schools had eliminated their college counselors. Students were not receiving information about college. It was unfair.

The Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair was held at Windsor High School on September 10, 2013. (Bryan Farley)

You can view more College Fair photos here.

I approached many people with my idea, but only one person had the vision necessary to sustain the event. Chris Vetrano, the assistant principal at Windsor High School, knew how to organize events. With the help of many other community organizers, she has built a successful annual event.

The Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair was held at Windsor High School on September 10, 2013. (Bryan Farley)

I attend each year to remember what inspires me. I am inspired by people who are willing to help others. I am inspired by people like Chris who can see a crazy idea and create a successful event.… Read the rest

2012 Sonoma County College Fair

When did you learn about college? (Have you learned about college?

Across the United States, high school students attend college fairs similar to the 2012 Sonoma County College Fair. While Americans idealize a last second shot, brief discussions change students’ futures. During a basketball game, fans notice the student who misses the shot, but what happens to the student who misses the conversation with the admission representative? Do we notice the students who do not have information?

Options are important.

If you attended college, how did you learn about school? Were you the first in your family to visit a college campus? Were your parents college graduates? Did your school have a college adviser? Do you assume that every high school student knows how to complete a college application? What do you think everyone knows about college? What do you take for granted?

In other words, what did you know and when did you know it?Read the rest

Sonoma County College and Career-Ready Fair

The high school graduating class of 2012 has already applied to college for next year. After November 30, many universities will not accept applications for Fall 2012. Does this seem early? I am still baffled by the early admission date, even though I attended college and worked as a college admissions representative… and helped start the Sonoma County College Fair.

I was even more surprised by the November 30 deadline when I was a high school senior and I missed the deadline.

My personal experience helps explain my dedication to the Sonoma County College Fair. My senior year, our school did not have a college counselor. Despite having approximately  2500 students, our school also cancelled AP Government. My friends did not discuss college or college applications. If my parents talked about the application deadline, I missed the conversation. Perhaps my teachers knew, but assumed someone else had told me.

2011 Sonoma County College Fair Photo Gallery

I did not want other students to experience something similar, and I could see this happening in Sonoma County when I would visit for work.  … Read the rest