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Conversations with Teachers Past

One of my photography students recently asked me, “Are you a teacher or a photographer?”

I am a teacher. I have always felt that I was a teacher, although I am photographer and a student too. Often when I look through my photographs, I am surprised by my ability to take a decent picture. I am even more surprised when I reflect on my journey as a teacher and a student. I am not always the best teacher … and sometimes I can take 20 years to learn the simplest lessons. This post is a tribute to two of my mentors. I wish I had applied some of their lessons earlier.

 (bryan farley)

About twenty years ago, I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Women’s Studies degree. I believe that I was the first male to major in Women’s Studies at UCSB. I was also a peer health educator for the Women’s Center’s Rape Prevention Education Program.… Read the rest