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Girl In a Coma Appearance

Sometimes it feels that God is smiling on me. Monday was one of those times.

When I photographed Girl In a Coma on Monday, everything seemed perfect. (Go here to view the photo gallery of their Oakland Concert)  I learned about the performance the day of the show from a friend who lives out of the country. Another friend helped with an introduction. GIAC is also from San Antonio and I have a special connection to the city. Joan Jett signed the band to her Blackheart Records label. I love Joan Jett. (Lately, I have chased a few black hearts.) I needed a new roller derby photographer shirt for tomorrow. My GIAC T-shirt is covered with black hearts, lucky numbers and horseshoes. Oh, and the band was amazing. One day my friends (or kids) might ask me if I have ever heard of this new band Girl In a Coma with the mesmerizing lead vocalist/ lead guitarist…

They are THAT good.  Read the rest