San Francisco Adobe PhotoWalk

Adobe hosts Photowalks to promote their products and users. At their March 2012 San Francisco Adobe PhotoWalk, more than 200 photographers walked around the SOMA District finding photos. The walk started and ended at Adobe’s San Francisco offices.

 (bryan farley)

PhotoWalks are a great opportunity too see differently. When I attend photowalks, I force myself to watch others and take different pictures, such as the whimsical self portrait of the statue above.  I also force myself to learn something from other photographers, and if possible, teach something to a person who might know less than I do.

 (bryan farley)

You never know what you might see at a photowalk. I thought I was photographing established photographer Jim Goldstein, but he was busy experimenting with his gear, so I did not stop and talk to him. (We tweeted to each other later.)

 (bryan farley)

During the PhotoWalk, Adobe staff interact with the photo walkers. As a user, I appreciate the the Adobe staff. Sometimes, I might monopolize their time. They seem to care about the customers, and I enjoy people who care about me.

To see my gallery from the Adobe San Francisco PhotoWalk Go Here.




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