Girls Inc Alameda County First Annual Taste

 (bryan farley)

On Saturday September 13th, 2014, I photographed the 1st Annual Taste fundraiser for Girls Incorporated of Alameda County. The main event was held in the Rotunda Building in downtown Oakland. Guests gathered at the Girls Inc. main headquarters across the street before dinner and the live auction. (HERE ARE THE PHOTOS)

 (bryan farley)

I asked to photograph the event. I had photographed the 2012 Women of Taste fundraiser, and I was impressed with the organization. Though the 2014 version of “Women of Taste” was different, I still wanted to contribute. I explained some of my personal reasons in my blog post two years ago. Those reasons still exist.

 (bryan farley)

Before the event, one of my friends asked me why I wanted to photograph this year’s fundraiser. I never know how to answer these types of questions. Usually, I answer honestly, but I omit some of the more compelling reasons. Why was a Women’s Studies major? Why was I a rape prevention educator in college? Those are questions with difficult answers. I can ruin the mood of a good party pretty quickly, and the Girls Inc fundraiser was excellent. I really enjoyed being around people who were committed to improving other people’s lives.

 (bryan farley)

On Friday, President Obama announced a new program called, “It’s On Us” to end sexual assault on campus. When I was a college student, it was on us then. Now many of us are parents and we are raising sons and daughters who might attend college or at least watch football on Sundays. It’s still on us.

It is on us to listen for the tune from the distant hill so that we may help others find freedom. The people in downtown Oakland last Saturday were listening.



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