2016 Farley Family Photo Transition

We have a family photo tradition that mirrors our family. My two children and I have gone to the same location since 2008 and taken photos in an urban meadow. During the last two years, the meadow became a construction site. While our meadow became a shopping mall, our family split into two households in two cities. I guess there is a metaphor here, but I am not sure which is which. I really miss our meadow and the kids are dealing with the family transition better than I had feared.

 (bryan farley)

When we visited the meadow last year, we were surprised to find the fence surrounding our site. This year we assumed that our meadow had disappeared, although we hoped that the construction fences were only temporary. I could feel us going through the stages of grief.

 (bryan farley)

I haven’t reached the final DABDA stage yet. I haven’t accepted that our meadow is gone forever. I hope that next year the land will return to full bloom. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I still have another year to consider how we can make the next photo shoot work. Maybe we will stand in the middle of a parking lot.

 (bryan farley)

Maybe my daughter will dance outside a grocery store or a coffee shop. Perhaps we will set up our tripods near a duplex. I wish I had an answer for life’s transitions.

 (bryan farley)

This year, we discussed transition. My son expressed his frustration about losing the meadow. He did not like the change. My daughter said, “sometimes change is good,” which led to my son’s response about THIS CHANGE. While some change is good, losing the meadow was definitely not good. Eventually, the three of us agreed that if we must experience change, it is best to experience it with people we love.

You can see more photos from our 2016 Farley Family Photo Visit here.



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