All Quotes are my own, unless I stole them accidentally. I gladly attribute the page title (Farleyisms) to Marshall McLuhan’s similarly titled list of quotes.

  • Do you want to be the dog or the tail?
  • The business of Facebook is Facebook.
  • There is nothing wrong with self-interest, unless you are interested in more than yourself.
  • What is the difference between a leader and a “thought leader?”  Is a thought leader someone who thinks about leading?
  • We do not need “Thought Leaders.” We need thoughtful leaders.
  • Reformers who claim that Education should operate more like Business do not understand education or business.
  • If you are working to close the achievement gap, you are aiming to low.
  • That data don’t hunt; dogs don’t drive.
  • “Umpires should be seen and not heard!” yelled a fan from the upper deck.
  •  Use who you are to create art.
  • When someone tells you “it isn’t personal,” believe them. Relationships should be personal.
  • Research proves that researchers ignore their own research.
  • Before something can be broken, it must have worked.
  • One person’s sarcasm is another person’s humor. I use one too often and I am not as funny as I think.
  • Artists are their own collaborators, their own muse, their own liberators.
  • Photographs are evidence that I am alive and connected to something.
  • If teaching is an art, then a teaching artist is an educator who practices pedagogy.
  • We know the value of diversity, but we do not know how to value diversity… not yet.