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2015 D1 WFTDA Roller Derby Playoffs – Tucson

I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that) – Meat Loaf (1993)

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 (bryan farley)

I almost did not attend the 2015 D1 WFTDA International Roller Derby Tournament in Tucson, Arizona last weekend. Even though I love roller derby, I was scared. At the beginning of September I visited my neurologist after listening to another Oliver Sacks interview. I suspected that I had prosopagnosia (face blindness). I thought that I was losing my mind and I was afraid to spend three days in the desert meeting (and re-meeting) people, but I couldn’t let my fear stop me.

 (bryan farley)

I remember people. I just do not remember their faces. I remember Joy Collision when she skated at the 2012 Western Division Regional Tournament. (she is pictured above greeting friends). I remember that her number (747) is the same as a jet. I know that Joy Division became New Order after the lead singer committed suicide and I know that Joy looks like the person who sells avocados at my local farmer’s market (though I am probably wrong about this last one). … Read the rest