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Bout Saturday Night – Wrecking Belles v San Francisco ShEvil Dead

Today, April 29, is my childhood friend Steve’s birthday. We met in second grade. Today is also Uma Thurman’s birthday. If you read my post about Bout 1, you realized that I quoted Mia Wallace, Uma Thurman’s Pulp Fiction character. I am not sure if I am old or if I have a good memory. Pulp Fiction was in theaters in 1994.

(Keep reading for the complete bout 2 slideshow, which is at the end of the post.)

Richmond Wrecking Belles skated against the San Francisco ShEvil Dead in San Francisco, California on Saturday, April 26, 2014. (bryan farley)

In 1992, I remember that my friend Steve could celebrate his birthday on the same day that a court acquitted Los Angeles police officers charged with crimes against Rodney King. (If you remember the tape, please forgive my sloppy explanation.) After the results were announced, there was a riot. Sometimes I hear people use the term riot when they really mean “altercation.” By the way, when I see the woman with white makeup, Demanda Riot, I consider her an athlete.… Read the rest