Who’s The Mannequin?

As part of my WordPress continuing education, I am posting a few outtakes from a portrait shoot this week. You can learn a little about how I approach shooting portraits while I learn how to use WordPress widgets and plugins. If you happen to find my new blog while I am still developing the blog’s basic structure, you can compare my progress to the Graph Paper Press  Modularity demo theme.

For this post, I created the new category “Children and Families.” Eventually, I will have about five categories.

The first gallery is a collection of outtakes. When I shoot portraits, I shoot photos that I never expect to be part of the final gallery.  Sometimes, I take a few photos just so I can adjust to seeing with the camera. Other times I take a few to help the subject relax. Many people become self conscious and uncomfortable when having their portrait taken, so I use this time to check the light and look for better location. I also try to connect better with the people I am photographing, even if I already know them better.

If the subject is feeling a little nervous, I might have them relax or do something a little crazy. Cole and his family were at a Marin County farmers market. I saw some mannequin’s in Urban Outfitters. I thought it would be fun and a little crazy if we shot a few photos next to mannequins. We took his sister into the store too.  I became more excited and started seeing better. Below are some of the shots.


Here are the final portraits.


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