2012 Favorite Photo Session

Each year when I review my pictures, I am surprised by how many images I have taken. This year I knew there were fewer photographs, because I was injured in an April car accident. I planned to separate the pictures into a Best of Part 1 and a Best of Part 2. Then I saw the March 11, 2012 gallery with Richard Leon’s family…¬†Every photo was magical.

 (bryan farley)

I purposely did not title this post, “My best photo gallery,” because I did not do much. I showed up. The family welcomed me when I showed up. The family revealed their love for each other. Richard and Alice clearly loved each other and their children and grandchildren. For thirty years, they had loved each other. They worked together, probably because they wanted to work together and because they were lucky to be together.

 (bryan farley)

The family knew that there time was limited by Richard’s cancer diagnosis, but the family still seemed to understand that they were lucky. Sad, but lucky that they had something that many people would never have.

 (bryan farley)

Richard died on September 5, 2012 in the same house surrounded by the same people. Read my first post from March 2012.¬†View photos from Richard’s Celebration of Art and Life.

Alice Ross Leon continues writing about her journey at Red Tail Dog.




3 Responses to “2012 Favorite Photo Session”

  1. Karen Clark says:

    What a wonderful family Bryan. You have such a beautiful way of capturing the human spirit in your pictures. What a blessing to witness beauty on all levels.

    • bryan farley says:

      Thank you Karen.
      This family has inspired me to look at my life more closely. I want to create better options so that my choices are better in the future.

      Richard had created options about how spend his last days. He was around people who loved him. He could have spent more time with more people, but at least he spent his last days surrounded by love. I wonder how I can include this into a new year’s resolution.


  2. Bryan Farley says:

    My neighbor Alice Ross Leon asked me to photograph her family earlier this year… you might want to view the images if you are making any New Year’s Resolutions.

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