2016 Spring Performance Expo – Melrose Leadership Academy

I have been photographing performances at Melrose Leadership Academy longer than many people have been taking pictures. Earlier this month, I photographed my 14th “Performance Expo” at my son’s dual immersion Oakland public school. You can access the Spring 2016 photo gallery here.

 (bryan farley)

I am an educator as well as a parent, so I probably view these performances differently than some people. I look at the educational and developmental value. As a photographer, I am continually looking for the visual opportunities. Every time I photograph the performance expos, I find opportunities and value.

 (bryan farley)

Earlier this year, I shared some photos from previous expos. In the January 2016 post, I also wondered if educators could create a standardized test for collaboration. You have probably heard the phrase, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”  Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is working on the standardized test yet, so I keep dreaming.

 (bryan farley)

When I attended an art educators meeting last month, I claimed that art is an afterthought… it is an add on. A few years ago, there was an educational term, “writing across the curriculum.” It meant that students should write in all subjects so that kids could become literate. This was a fine idea, (and I supported writing in writing) but writing across the curriculum was probably not supported by research. Education researchers know that students learn many different ways. It would make as much sense to “art across the curriculum” or “move across the curriculum.”

… or to “Dance across the curriculum.” If only I didn’t have a fear of public dancing.


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