Epiphany Riddle

Each year I look forward to January 6. I believe that the new year or the holiday will inspire me. When I started attending church as a young adult, Epiphany was one of the easiest holidays to accept. I believed in sudden realizations, just as I believed in grace and good will towards my fellow human.

This year I have been slow to epiphany.

Reflection of Bryan Farley in San Antonio, Texas

Reflection of Bryan Farley in San Antonio, Texas

I have not lacked sudden realizations. During the last few weeks, I have been an epiphany machine. I often wake up suddenly in the middle of the night. Each time I have a new idea. These ideas have formed one continual riddle.

The 2012 Treasure Island Music Festival is a two day event held on San Franciso's Treasure Island October 13th and 14th. (Bryan Farley)

What is an epiphany without action? Is it anything more than a fantasy disguised as a dream? Do I need a little less blog and a lot more action?

 (bryan farley)

San Diego band, Pierce The Veil, perform at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour.

Lately, I have been searching anywhere for the answer. As I am writing, Ricky Nelson sings on my internet radio about old friends and old memories. At the Garden Party, nobody recognizes him, even though everyone knows his name. He finishes the song with the popular message,

“You see, you can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself.”

While I enjoyed other concert pictures from the Vans Warped Tour gallery, I especially enjoy all the single arms piercing the San Francisco sky. At the Treasure Island Music Festival, I captured several favorites during Day 1 and Day 2, but there was something special about The Samba Stilt Circus Kiss picture.  Despite walking in stilts for much of the day, this couple stopped to kiss at sunset. Though they were performers, their kiss was real. (at least, that is how I see it.)

Women's Roller Derby

Portland’s Rose City Rollers wait for 2012 Western Region Playoffs to resume during Sun Delay in Richmond, California on September 23.

Photographing Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby was a highlight this year. Capturing a sun delay was new too. The photo of the Portland team is probably not even my best of the Sun Delay series, but I love the picture. The winner of this bout advanced to Nationals and they had to wait. But I did not. I love how I can see their competitiveness, teamwork, and athleticism as they wait in the sun.

The Justin-Siena Braves defeated the San Marin High Mustangs 27-13 to win the 2012 North Coast Section Division 4 Football Championship at Dodd Stadium in Napa, California on November, 30, 2012. (Bryan Farley)


At the North Coast Section Championship in Napa, California, weather created a different problem. It rained and the two teams played. Fortunately, I was able to capture the post game celebration in the background and the consolation in the foreground. I understand how some people believe that coaches overemphasize winning,  but this perception is caused by those of us covering championships. Coaches often console players. Teammates help each other through difficult losses.

Life is a team sport.

 The Alamo at night in San Antonio, Texas (bryan farley)

In 2013, may I remember to walk through life as a partner. May I not keep score in my relationships, but may I give 100%. At least. Bouts and games keep score, but relationships do not, so what is the point? Really? I try a little too hard to impress people… random people. Abstract people. Who are these folks I am trying to please? If I met myself, would I remember him?

It is time for a little less blog….

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  1. Wow, I’ve never seen your blog before…commencing reading…

  2. Looooove that very first pic…..

  3. BTW, you’re oooooold. I so don’t get that Ricky Nelson reference….

  4. Bryan Farley says:

    Denise Stewart Thanks. when you say the first pic, do you mean the couple kissing, or the old guy in the window?

  5. Love the couple kissing pic, but my fave is the Ricky Nelson-loving dude in the window…seriously, I think it is amazing..

  6. Bryan Farley says:

    Regarding Ricky Nelson, I have been honoring my inner dinosaur lately and listening to older music and remembering john wayne quotes from thirty years ago. It started as a joke, but then it just became a ritual. The song is Garden Party. If you heard it, you would probably remember it, because you are old too. It was popular when I was a little kid. Somehow, I have a good memory for music. I was about 4 when it peaked at #6.

  7. Never EVER put me in the same age category as you Old Man! But I will check out the song and see if maybe some great-grandparents of mine might have been bopping around to it…..

  8. Bryan Farley says:

    Have you ever listed to Songza? It’s like Pandora, but different. They are a New York start-up, but despite that, Songza is really cool. We are a little off topic now, but that is how Ricky Nelson came on. And thanks for the compliment and viewing my blog. You can even go back and see some of the old posts. You don’t have to comment on FB, but you can. I started using this blog more than a year ago.

  9. Thanks for the heads up…will definitely be checking it out 🙂

  10. Alice J Pierson-Knapp says:

    checking in – 🙂

  11. Reza Garajedaghi says:

    The one of the band is so sweet. very cool!!

    The couple kissing is awesome too..

    By the way Ben Affleck was Robbed!!

    • bryan farley says:

      Thanks Reza. You would have enjoyed The Treasure Island Music Festival. I hope you can attend next year in San Francisco. You could lead some new fun activities.

      As for the Academy Award nominations that were announced this morning, I have not seen most of the movies. With two children, I am lucky to see Avengers. (I highly recommend it!)

      I am really lucky to attend a few concerts and conventions.

  12. Bryan Farley says:

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  13. Bryan Farley says:

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  14. Denise says:

    Good pix, Bryan – I love your reflection in the window! Your blog is cool, too. Hope all is well otherwise!


    • bryan farley says:

      Thanks for viewing and commenting Ms. Mozzetti. You are an excellent art teacher, so your compliments have a special weight.

      Just when I think work will slow down, something happens and I have more to do. Recently, some interesting people have found me, so I am staying busy. Not all my work projects appear on my blog, but at least I stay busy and productive. I hope you are having a happy new year.


  15. Bryan Farley says:

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  16. Bryan Farley says:

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  17. bryan farley says:

    While some of you thought that my Ricky Nelson “Garden Party” reference was obscure… Take That!


    at number 7 all-time on Billboard country rock list (ok, so maybe that proves the song is obscure… but not completely obscure!)

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