Mermaids of Northern California – Train and The Script


 (bryan farley)

Train returned home to Northern California for two shows last weekend. I photographed both concerts. The first concert was north of Sacramento in Wheatland, California at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre. The second concert was at the America’s Cup Pavilion, a temporary facility at Piers 29-31 along San Francisco’s Embarcadero. Irish band The Script performed before Train. Gavin DeGraw opened. Ashley Monroe played with Train during their set at both shows. Even though all the artists played nearly the same set lists, the concerts were different. In Sacramento, it was hot. In San Francisco, it was a typical cold foggy summer night. Still, both shows were excellent.

See Gallery of Sacramento Train Concert.

The Bay Area rock band Train headlined a concert  at the America's Cup Pavilion in San Francisco, California on Sunday August 11, 2013 during their Mermaids of Alcatraz tour. Train performed with The Script, Gavin DeGraw and Ashley Monroe. (bryan farley)

Train reminds me of author James Joyce. Coincidentally, Joyce and The Script are from Dublin, which might explain my recent preoccupation with Joyce. Joyce was known for playing with words and creating multiple meanings. Train songs are playful and funny in a similar way. Even when Train signs about love, I consider their songs lighthearted… until I have heard each song a few times. Train songs are packed with meaning.

There are more Train Photos in this gallery from the San Francisco show.

 (bryan farley)

Train’s popularity resembles their lyrics. They are a paradox. Train is probably the least popular famous Rock Band on the planet. I find it part of their charm. The Script has more Facebook Fans than Train. (The Script may have outperformed Train in San Francisco too. Train seemed overwhelmed by the homecoming.) While every act came out into the stands, The Script captured the fans attention the best. Here is the rest of the Script San Francisco photo gallery.

Train fans love the band, but Train is not for everyone. The third song of their set, “If it’s Love,” explains the relationship Train has with its fans.  The refrain: “If it’s love, then the rest is just whatever.”  The details don’t matter. It does not matter if it is foggy or sunny. It does not matter if Train was overwhelmed by emotion. You will love the show.

Of course, this cuts both ways. If you do not love Train, The rest is just whatever. Do not go, unless you love to dance.

Note: edited August 16th

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  1. Jamie Loomis says:

    Great great photo’s Bryan! Also your write up is well written! I want all these pictures!!! Can’t wait to see the Sacramento concert photo’s. Love love love the photo’s 🙂

    • bryan farley says:

      Thank you Jamie!

      Did I forget to include the Sacramento link to the Train Concert Photos?
      Do you have a favorite photo from the San Francisco show?


    • bryan farley says:


      If you click on the first photo, the Sacramento gallery will appear. I will edit the post.\

      Thank you!


    • bryan farley says:


      Have I ever showed you the Sacramento photos?

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  3. Victoria N. says:

    Wow! Your pictures from the concert turned amazing. Great job!

    • bryan farley says:

      Thank you Victoria. It was great meeting you. I hope to see your work soon.

      I viewed your portfolio. You are much further along than I was at your age. You are really good. How did you get started? How do you like wix for an online portfolio?


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