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The song of a shuttered soundstage

This feels more like an obituary than an anniversary… an acknowledgement that a language has died, or as John Lennon sang, “Everybody’s talking and no one says a word.” 13 years ago today, I began working at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. At the time,¬†Brooks was a visual art college respected throughout the […]

Oakland Pride Parade and Labor Day

This recent Labor Day weekend, I took my kids and my camera to the¬†Oakland Pride Parade. We walked with our Episcopal Church and several other religious groups. Many mayoral candidates, including Mayor Jean Quan, attended the parade. I took pictures. (HERE is my photo gallery!) While I was walking around before the parade, somebody asked […]

On a Mission to Santa Barbara

I attended UCSB and lived in Santa Barbara for twelve years. Two weeks ago, I returned with my daughter to meet many of my good friends. I wanted her to meet the people who shaped me and to learn how to create community. We visited my old school and my old church. My daughter met […]