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2014 Sonoma County College Fair

Before I became a father, I started working for a photography college as an admissions officer.  I thought that I would work for Brooks Institute for a year and then return to teaching. My life changed and I remained at Brooks for nearly five school years. Now I have a ten year old daughter and […]

Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair

Last week I attended the2013 Sonoma County College & Career-Ready Fair at Windsor High School. Almost ten years ago, I had an idea that high school students in Sonoma County should have a Fall college fair. I worked for a college and when I visited the local high schools, I realized that many schools had eliminated […]

2012 Sonoma County College Fair

When did you learn about college? (Have you learned about college? Across the United States, high school students attend college fairs similar to the 2012 Sonoma County College Fair. While Americans idealize a last second shot, brief discussions change students’ futures. During a basketball game, fans notice the student who misses the shot, but what […]

Sonoma County College and Career-Ready Fair

The high school graduating class of 2012 has already applied to college for next year. After November 30, many universities will not accept applications for Fall 2012. Does this seem early? I am still baffled by the early admission date, even though I attended college and worked as a college admissions representative… and helped start the […]