Mothers of an Angel Year 4

This week I photographed the Mother of an Angel Friendship Network. It was the fourth consecutive summer visiting the support group. I have grown attached to these women. I have collected great memories and gained insight each visit.


Each year is different. This year felt more like a family reunion. We met at Woodward Park and somehow organized the group into photos. Everyone seemed to enjoy the sessions, but this would be oversimplifying the meaning of the support group. More photos to follow….


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  1. Bryan Farley says:

    Kim Atwood-Skinner, I thought about you when I mentioned that it felt like a family reunion. Far too often, we meet our family at funerals now, and even though many of us are happy to see each other, we are also sad for our loss. Thanks for viewing the pictures Kim

  2. Thank you so much the pictures are great

    • bryan farley says:


      I enjoyed seeing you again and walking with you and Martha out to Starla’s tree. We captured some good photos too.


  3. Mary Sappington says:

    Loves and hugs my friend! Thank you so much!

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