Sundial Bridge

A year ago today, my family returned from Redding, California before our kids began school. My younger child was beginning kindergarten and my daughter was starting second grade.  I am posting these photos from the Sundial Bridge at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Sundial Bridge in Redding, California

I have learned that when I am in the middle of processing my Mothers of Angels photos that it helps if I continue to enjoy my own children. I have also learned from the mothers to enjoy my family the entire year. The mothers remind me to honor life… not to take it for granted.

I showed these photos to my six year old today and he remembered our visit to Paris. We have never been to Paris, but then we have never been to China either. (Yesterday, he confused Chinatown with China. Before I could decide whether I should correct him, his sister solved my problem.)

My children have traveled enough for their age and they have done enough for their age. Today they crossed the street and worked on a garage sale and sold lemonade. My son just told me, “Maybe we could live at a garage sale and make enough money and one day live in Paris and be rich.”

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