Fresno High School Senate 2012 Stogie Bowl

The Fresno High School Senate was established in 1890. Until the 1970’s, the club only admitted boys. (There was an equivalent for girls during part of the first 80 years, but the club is so old, American women did not have a Constitutional right to vote when the Fresno High Senate started. )

We’re talking old.

When I joined Senate, MTV was a few years old. My classmates and I raced home and watched new wave music videos.  Now, I am starting to sound old, which I have been for several years at Stogie Bowl. This year, I was the second oldest.

Most of the people were not born when I attended my first game in 1984.

 The Fresno High School Senate was established in 1890 and modeled after the United States Senate. The club is an education and community club with an annual alumni football game. (bryan farley)

Sometimes Senate seems as if it is merely a debate club with a football problem… or is it the other way around? We love a good debate. (We love any debate, but we love each other.)  Senate trains its members to argue assertively and respectfully. We are not necessarily moderate, but we are civil.

Looking at the photo gallery, we might seem as if we are an unlikely group of civic leaders. At a time when our country’s political leaders argue continuously, our organization becomes more unlikely each year… and more necessary.


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  1. Austin Travis Dylan Hall says:

    These photos are fantastic! Great to have such nice reminders of an awesome day, hope to see everyone there next year!

  2. Bryan, the photos are amazing, great job.

  3. Bryan Farley says:

    Thanks Austin T. D. Hall This was the first year I just ran around with my camera and it was so much easier. I think the weather helped too. Usually, I am the jerk yelling at people. It was really fun watching everyone else have fun.

  4. Karen Clark says:

    Great pictures as always, Bryan. I like the write up too.

    • bryan farley says:

      Thank you Karen,

      Can you believe we have gotten so old? And yet some of us old guys are still doing OK.

      As always, thank you for being one of my early supporters. Some day, I should plan a visit so that I can photograph you. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?


  5. Bryan Farley says:

    It was great to see Morgan Hunt, Judy R Fliris, J Christopher Esparza, Scott Calhoun, Kimberley Libecki, Charlie Garoupa and many other @Fresno High Senate people Thanksgiving morning. You are the reason I keep going. What motivates you to go to the field?

  6. Karen Clark says:

    Of course Bryan, I’d be honored. You’re a phenomenal photographer, writer, and philanthropist. I’d be happy to participate.

  7. morgan says:

    The game was great! I was so excited to see so many Alumni there and I felt a really great energy in the crowd! I hope to see more currents at the next game and I plan on being there next year! Thank you Bryan for taking the pictures! Great job man!

    • bryan farley says:

      It is always good to see you and hear about your progress. We live close enough to each other that we should visit more often and continue encouraging the younger graduates or college bound students to learn about the Bay Area. I know you share my joy in giving back.

      Oh Yeah… and then there was a game.

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