35th Annual Carnaval San Francisco

Sometimes a little guitar is just a little guitar.

 (bryan farley)

The 2013 Carnaval San Francisco was held yesterday in the Mission District. It was the 35th annual San Francisco Carnaval. My two children danced with a popular Bay Area group Fogo na Roupa.  My children and others from their Oakland school have been practicing this year for Carnaval, but I did not realize that the kids were joining such a fun group.

 (bryan farley)

We arrived around 8:15 and met performers from other groups. (We were float 44 of 48).

 (bryan farley)

We prepared and waited for about three hours, but we had a great time. Everyone dressed. Some people put on make up… almost everyone applied sunscreen (except me.)

 (bryan farley)

After we started walking six blocks to the start of the parade, one of the organizers ordered us to run… so we did. Well, I stopped first to photograph everyone running. (I should have applied sunscreen.)

 (bryan farley)

When we joined the parade route on 24th, I understood why people return every year for Carnaval. The crowd waited for hours along the street to cheer and dance. Everyone seemed excited.

 (bryan farley)

Our drummers and dancers had been moving for about five hours when we reached the grandstand, but you would not have known by watching them. They seemed full of energy. I was energized by their performance.

 (bryan farley)

We walked a few more blocks.

 (bryan farley)

and our group danced more, chanting, “Go Fogo, Go Fogo. Go.”

 (bryan farley)

When we finished, we were happy and tired. I am ready for next year.

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12 Responses to “35th Annual Carnaval San Francisco”

  1. Bryan Farley says:

    Are you asking about the little guitars reference?

  2. Bryan Farley says:

    There was a street fair with really good food afterwards… this parade had a colorful car at the end (@Ryan Wayte and Steve Wayte brothers often post about music so I went with The Doors and Van Halen, silly me.) Carnaval had great energy

  3. Ryan Wayte says:

    I love marching bands!!

  4. Karen Clark says:

    There’s nothing like a parade in S.F.! The pictures you took are awesome!

  5. bryan farley says:


    The parade was a lot of fun. I had not expected much such a big event, probably because I thought the kids were dancing by themselves (and with their awesome teacher.) Then we arrived before the Grand Parade and there were a couple hundred people in our group. I think the musician traveled all the way from Brazil for the event. It was pretty cool.


  6. karen clark says:

    My youngest daughter and I were in S.F. in February for the Chinese New Year Parade. The streets in Union Square were so packed! Colorful dragons lined the street and people beat large drums that filled the air with music. The energy was amazing. I agree with you, it was the energy that was indescribable.

    • bryan farley says:


      Somehow we have never attended the Chinese New Year Parade… maybe next year. We see the streets in Oakland and San Francisco change as New Year approaches and I get excited waiting for it, but I have always missed it. The colors are amazing. About ten years ago, I taught in Oakland’s Chinatown and would love to see the parade. Maybe I can research it for next year.

  7. It was wonderful to share this experience with all the youth from MLA!

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