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The 39th Annual Carnaval San Francisco – Heart

Carnaval San Francisco On May 28th, 2017, I photographed the 39th Annual Carnaval San Francisco Grand Parade in the Mission District. The parade lineup included about 70 groups. I took about 1600 pictures. My final edited photo gallery has fewer pictures, but you should check for yourself. 2013 In 2013, 2014 and (again in 2015), […]

35th Annual Carnaval San Francisco

Sometimes a little guitar is just a little guitar. The 2013 Carnaval San Francisco was held yesterday in the Mission District. It was the 35th annual San Francisco Carnaval. My two children danced with a popular Bay Area group Fogo na Roupa.  My children and others from their Oakland school have been practicing this year for Carnaval, […]