Fire and Flight – Runway Show 3

The Crucible's Hot Couture Runway Show 3 opened with designs by Sam Waller & Sophia Constance Ellis. "Hot Couture 2014: The Fusion of Fashion & Fire" showcased Bay Area designers and artists on January 10 & Saturday, January 11, 2014 in Oakland, California. (bryan farley)

Hot Couture Runway Show 3 Photo Slideshow

Before an artist can fly, an artist must fight.

 (bryan farley)

A good artist argues with him or herself.

 (bryan farley)

Artists are their own collaborators, their own muse, their own liberators.

 (bryan farley)

An artist’s process is uneasy. Art is the fire, the wood and the shadow. Non-artists usually only see the final product. They miss the messy struggle.

 (bryan farley)

At The Crucible‘s 15th Annual Hot Couture fashion show in Oakland, California, I photographed all three runway shows on Saturday January 11, 2014. The third show was more personal, because I know designer and dancer Alexandra Candia.

 (bryan farley)

Alex teaches my two children how to dance. She also teaches my children how to perform and collaborate. She teaches them how to listen to their inner drummer; she teaches them to dance with a group. My daughter, who turns 10 next month, fought with Alex in the beginning. Both of my kids struggled, until they performed. If you are an artist, you understand this struggle. If you are not, watch the drama.

 (bryan farley)

What you might see as permanent struggle, might just be the muse’s final whisper before flight.



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  1. Bryan Farley says:

    This was my third post about Hot Couture fashion show The Crucible. Melrose Leadership Academy families are probably familiar with Fogo Na Roupa and Alexandra Candia. Alex’s designs closed the show. Miss Velvet Cream and a pair of collaborators presented earlier in the third runway show. The costumes, creativity and spark amazed me. Awesome!

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