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Hot Couture 2017 – The Beautiful Ones

Last month I photographed the Hot Couture fashion show at Oakland’s Crucible. The 2017 Hot Couture¬†fashion show was inspired by the artist Prince and called “The Beautiful One’s.” This is the fourth consecutive Hot Couture that I have photographed and I tried to be inspired by Prince. I created an 84 image photo gallery. Prince […]

Hot Couture 2015 The Crucible Oakland

Before I continue writing about Hot Couture 2015, I should include a disclaimer. I wore a beanie both nights to the annual fashion show at The Crucible in Oakland. I do not know a lot about fashion, but I know that I was not fashionable. This year’s theme was “Air/ Earth/ Fire/ Water.” I did […]

Fire and Flight – Runway Show 3

Hot Couture Runway Show 3 Photo Slideshow Before an artist can fly, an artist must fight. A good artist argues with him or herself. Artists are their own collaborators, their own muse, their own liberators. An artist’s process is uneasy. Art is the fire, the wood and the shadow. Non-artists usually only see the final […]

Shadows in the Jungle – Hot Couture 2014 Second Runway Show

Photo Gallery for Runway Show 2 “Life is wasted on illusion….” Bow Wow Wow, from Do You Want To Hold Me Since last weekend’s Hot Couture fashion show at The Crucible in Oakland, California, I have contemplated the relationship between the music and fashion industry. Popular artists influence hairstyles. New styles of music force designer […]

Putting It Together – Hot Couture First Runway Show

Last weekend, I photographed The Crucible’s 15 annual fashion show in Oakland, California. The Crucible is an arts education non-profit that promotes collaboration. Here are my photos from Runway Show 1. As an art educator, I appreciate the collaborative process. I also understand that if something is easy, it probably is not art. Nothing about […]