Tanner Family Aloha

When I photographed the Tanner family last Sunday, the parents and two kids had just returned from a Hawaiian vacation. I have known Nicole since we both attended UC Santa Barbara (more than) a few years ago. Now we both live about three miles from each other in the Bay Area. While I was taking pictures, I kept thinking about the different definitions of the Hawaiian word “aloha.” It means hello and good-bye and something in between. I think that also describes my relationship with Nicole and her family. We keep showing up for each other. I expect that it will always be that way… some cosmic Aloha.

 (bryan farley)Here is the slideshow again from the December 2014 photo visit.

Two years ago, I photographed the Tanners the first time shortly after they moved from the Central Coast. You can find the slideshow in the post.


 (bryan farley)

Sometimes I think I am a good photographer. It happened again after I began viewing the photos from last weekend. I loved the pictures… and then something happened. I realized that I loved the pictures, because I loved the people I photographed. At one point, I let the two girls use my camera and they took some pretty good photos too. The youngest person took one of my favorite photos of Nicole.

2014 Tanner Family Portraits-1207141512

People often ask me for advice. I am a photography teacher. I know how to use a camera. I understand aperture and shutter speed. I know more technical stuff than most photographers. I also know the important stuff, like how to hold a really smelly chew toy while a kindergarten girl is using my camera to take my picture.  I took this photo with my smart phone. Is that my secret?

2014 Tanner Family Portraits-8499

Maybe I just really love photography, which is not so much a criticism of my ability, as it is a description. Did I tell you that the dog toy smelled really bad? Did I forget to mention that it was more than worth it?

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Today is 12/13/14. It is Taylor Swift’s birthday. I started thinking about Taylor as soon as I saw the little pink guitar (or ukulele)… or maybe when Nicole flashed the “gangster of peace sign” that I associate with Taylor Swift’s “22” video. Of course, if I am truthful, I think about Taylor Swift daily. Aloha could mean Shake it Off.

 (bryan farley)

I hope that I can photograph the family every two years. When I return, I want to step on the same welcome mat. Until then, I want to remember that I have arrived … every day, everywhere.

 (bryan farley)

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